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Domestic violence is characterized by a series of repetitive acts, usually of increasing frequency and intensity.   Specialists refer to this progression as the “cycle of violence”.

In the person committing the abuse, it proceeds according to a defined cycle, through successive phases marked by mounting tension, abuse, rationalization, reconciliation and a calm period.

For the victim, these phases correspond to fear, anger, a feeling of responsibility for the violence and, lastly, the hope that the situation will improve. It should be noted that not all of these phases are [always] present and they do not necessarily follow that order.

Domestic violence includes psychological, verbal, physical and sexual abuse as well as acts of financial domination. It is not the result of a loss of control, but is rather a means chosen to dominate another person and assert one’s power over that person.

Domestic violence can be experienced in a marital, extra-marital or dating relationship, and at any age .


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