Our approach: feminist intervention

La Re-Source promotes the intersectional feminist approach in interventions with women and children as part of all its services.

This model of intervention fosters a socio-political analysis of the problems experienced by women and therefore aims at social and structural change. In this sense, we base our interventions on five feminist principles, namely that:

  • Women regain control over their lives through solidarity between women, egalitarian relations and the defence of their rights;
  • Women and children are not responsible for the violence they have suffered;
  • Women have the right to autonomy, respect and freedom;
  • Women have the potential and skills to direct their lives and make decisions that are in their best interest;
  • Individual change is a trigger for social change and vice versa.
  1. P. Simard, L’intervention féministe: un ensemble d’outils thérapeutiques ou… Conference presented in 1986 as part of the symposium entitled Changer les règles du jeu.

The organization’s values

Respect for women and children is at the heart of the values supported by the organization, which involves listening to and understanding their needs, accepting their differences and finding solutions. For a harmonious community life, we promote sharing, collaboration, solidarity, equality and respect.