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  • Child follow ups

  • Personalized workshops and training


Our shelter is comprised of 6 individual rooms that can shelter women and children.  Each family has their own room for the length of their stay. The other rooms of the house are communal rooms for the use of all women and children. There is also a playroom for the used of the children.

Individual follow up

During your stay, you will benefit from the help of your own case-worker, who will assist you in the comprehension of what you have been living through and with.  (What is conjugal violence? and the cycle of conjugal violence and its’ forms). Your caseworker will also assist you in your needs and if any other appointments are necessary. (i.e.: attorney, doctor etc.)

Group workshops and activities

During your stay, group activities are organized in order to help with community life in the shelter, and to promote mutual help and understanding.

L’Envol  Program: Group workshops are offered to all interested residents who wish to understand the negative consequences they are living through. These workshops are designed to help women regain positive power over their lives.

For more information and to know the date of the next workshop, please call 450-699-0908/ 1-877-699-1988.

Child follow ups

Two case workers work closely with the children who are residents of the shelter and help them demystify the violence that they have seen and have lived through.  They will help the mothers individually and work through the mother – child relationship. Moreover, they will also meet with the young people who’s mothers were once sheltered with us and who are still receiving our services.

Personalized Workshops and training

We offer training sessions that are tailored to your needs. Workshops and conferences on «Is it an argument or conjugal violence? » Training sessions for 10 or more people. Conjugal Violence...What is it?  The identification of the cycle of violence and the forms of violence, and how they translate in the lives of victims.

It would be are pleasure to meet with you and inform you of our work and the services we offer.