The Re-Source, a shelter for women victims of domestic violence with or without children, was founded on March 8, 1988.

By founding this organization, the women of the community, in collaboration with the Regroupement provincial des maisons pour femmes victimes de violence, wanted to make up for the lack of resources to help women victims of domestic violence. The objective was to set up a front-line service that would welcome women living from domestic violence with their children in the Roussillon area. Since the opening of the shelter, we have welcomed several thousand women and children.

In 2017, the 2nd stage shelter project was achieved after many years of work. The 2nd stage of La Re-Source opened its doors in July 2017. This new service offering directly addresses many needs identified by women victims of domestic violence, such as psychosocial support, a safe and confidential living environment and access to affordable housing.